Terms & Conditions

  • Article 1 (Outline of Service)
HANABE STUDIO online servise (hereinafter referred to as “this service”) refers to consolidated companies of HANABE STUDIO LLC. Refers to various services provided by the applicable company (hereinafter referred to as “our company”, “we”, “us” and “our”).
In this service guideline, customers refer to all persons who comply with this service guideline and use this service.
The Company reserves the right to arbitrarily determine the content of the Service, and to change, add, or abolish all or part of the content without the consent of the customer for any reason.
Regarding this service, individual terms may be established separately from this service guideline. In this case, the customer shall comply with the individual terms of service together with this service guideline.
In addition, if the provisions of this service guideline and the individual terms differ, the provisions of the individual terms shall take precedence.
  • Article 2 (Members)
In these service guidelines, members are defined as HANABE members defined in the HANABE service terms of use.
Members shall be responsible for managing their own IDs and passwords (including media in which they are stored or recorded), and shall properly manage and store them in accordance with the following items. increase.

1. Members shall not lend, transfer, change the name of, sell, or pledge IDs and passwords to third parties, and shall not disclose passwords to third parties.
2. Members shall be responsible for damages caused by inadequate management of IDs and passwords, errors in use, use by third parties, etc., and the Company shall bear no responsibility.
3. If the member’s ID and password are stolen, etc., or if it is found that they are being used illegally by a third party, the member shall immediately contact the Company and follow any instructions from the Company. and that contacting the Company does not exempt the member from liability.
  • Article 3 (Establishment of use contract)

The contract for using this service shall be established with the registration of the member by the customer in paragraph 1 of the preceding article. However, if the Company reasonably determines that the customer falls under any of the following items, the Company may refuse the registration or re-registration for the application of Article 2, Paragraph 1.
In addition, the Company shall not be obliged to disclose any reason for such refusal.

1. If the customer has already entered into a contract to use services that do not allow duplicate use in this service
2. If the customer has been subject to disposition such as cancellation or cancellation of the service contract due to violation of this service guideline in the past
3. If there is a falsehood, error or omission in the contents of the application
4. If the credit card company or financial institution, etc., has suspended the use of the credit card or other means of payment specified by the customer.
5. If the customer has been subject to disposition such as revocation of service usage qualification or cancellation of usage contract for services other than this service provided on this site and application, or services other than this service provided by our company
6. If the Company deems it inappropriate to conclude a usage contract due to other reasonable reasons.
Even after the usage contract has been concluded, if it is found that the customer falls under any of the items in the preceding paragraph, the Company may cancel the registration or cancel the usage contract. .
Until the cancellation of the registration in accordance with the preceding paragraph, etc., the customer shall be responsible for any charges incurred by using this service, and shall be paid without delay by the method specified by the Company.
  • Article 4 (Use of Online Store)
Customers can apply for purchase of products using the online store of this site among this service.
In addition, the details of the purchase application procedure, payment method, shipping, receipt, etc. shall be separately stipulated on this site.
When the Company receives the application in the preceding paragraph, the Company shall notify the customer to that effect (including by e-mail) and promptly confirm the inventory of the product.
The sales contract for the product between the Company and the customer shall be concluded when the Company secures the inventory and sends a notice to that effect and the shipment of the product to the customer.
In addition, regardless of the time of application, if the product cannot be secured for the application, the Company may decide not to accept the application and cancel the transaction.
The product inventory information posted on this site does not necessarily guarantee the certainty of the product inventory, and the customer is advised in advance that the acceptance of the application in paragraph 2 does not immediately conclude a product sales contract. After acknowledging it, we will make an application for purchase.
The Company shall deliver the product to the customer in accordance with the provisions separately set forth on this site, and the customer shall promptly check the contents of the product after receiving it.
In addition, if there is nonconformity (hereinafter referred to as “nonconformity”) regarding the type, quality or quantity of the delivered product, we will refund the product only on the date specified separately on this site. increase.
Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, refund guarantees will be made in accordance with the relevant usage guide for products subject to a separate refund guarantee stipulated in the usage guide of this site.
The Company’s liability for non-conformance in the preceding two paragraphs shall be limited to the refund of the product, and the Company shall not be responsible for delivery of the same product or a substitute product, or reduction of the price of the product.
Regardless of whether the sales contract has been concluded with the customer or before the product is delivered, if requested by the customer, the Company will, at its discretion, retain the relevant product and conduct a re-inspection. If there is reasonable suspicion about the authenticity of the product, we may, at our discretion, cancel the sales contract and issue a refund for the product in order to prevent the distribution of unauthorized products.
In this case, the customer cannot request the delivery of the product to the Company.
Delivery of products by this service shall be limited to within Japan.
  • Article 5 (Change of registered information)
In the event that there is a change in the content of the member registration set forth in Article 2, Paragraph 1, the Customer shall promptly apply for such change in accordance with the prescribed method.
The customer acknowledges in advance without objection that even if the notification from the Company fails to arrive due to the failure to apply for the change in the preceding paragraph, it will be deemed to have arrived at the time it should normally have arrived.
The Company shall not be held responsible for any damages incurred by the customer due to the failure to apply for the change under paragraph 1. In addition, if the Company or a third party suffers damage due to the customer’s failure to apply for change, the customer shall be responsible for the damage.
  • Article 6 (Suspension and Cancellation of Service)

If the customer falls under any of the following items, the Company may immediately suspend the performance of all or part of the usage contract of this service without prior notice, or use of this service Contracts or individual transactions related to the online store or web (delivery) purchase service (hereinafter collectively referred to as “usage contracts, etc.”) may be immediately canceled in whole or in part without prior notice. will do.

1. If you violate our service guidelines
2. When the information entered in using this service is used illegally or falsified.
3. When the use of the credit card and payment account specified by the customer is suspended or disabled by a credit card company, payment collection agency, financial institution, etc.
4. If the User engages in acts that are judged to be malicious when using the Service, such as repeated damage or loss of products.
5. In addition, when the Company determines that it is inappropriate as a customer due to reasonable reasons
If the Company cancels the Service Agreement, etc. based on the preceding paragraph, the customer shall immediately perform all obligations borne by the Company.
In addition, unless there is negligence on the part of the Company, the Company shall not be obligated to refund fees that have already been paid.
The Company may, for its own convenience, cancel all or part of the contract for use of the Service or withdraw the customer without prior notice to the customer.
  • Article 7 (Changes to Service Guidelines and Individual Terms)

The Company may change the Service Guidelines and Individual Terms of Service without obtaining the consent of the customer. Upon change, we will notify you as follows according to the content. In this case, the terms of use of the member service shall be based on the latest version of this service guideline after the change, and if the member uses this service after the change, it is deemed that the member has agreed to all of this service guideline and each applicable agreement. increase.

1. Minor or non-disadvantageous changes to members
: Members will be notified of such changes by posting them on this service.
2. Changes that cause disadvantages to members
: In addition to posting on this service, we will notify the member’s registered e-mail address etc. with a reasonable notice period.
The revised Terms and Individual Guidelines shall take effect from the time the Company announces such change in a prescribed manner separately determined by the Company.
Notwithstanding Paragraph 1, Item 2, this service guideline may be changed without prior notice only in cases based on laws and regulations and in urgent cases for the purpose of protecting the interests of our customers or our company. In this case, the Company shall promptly post it on the Service and notify the registered e-mail address, etc.
However, if we are unable to notify you due to unregistered or omission of change of e-mail address, various spam filters, etc., or if you are a guest login member, posting on this service will replace the notification.
The latest content of the Service Guidelines and Individual Terms of Use will always be posted on the Site and App.
  • Article 8 (Use of this service)
Customers shall, at their own responsibility and expense, prepare the software, communication equipment, hardware, etc. necessary to use this service, and make necessary contracts for Internet connection.
All communication charges incurred when using this service shall be borne by the customer.
Customers shall agree in advance to use this service in accordance with this service guideline.
The customer shall assume all responsibility for the information transmitted by the customer through this service, and shall not cause any inconvenience or damage to the company.
In the event that the customer causes damage to a third party in connection with the use of this service, or if a dispute arises between the customer and a third party, the customer shall bear the damage at his/her own expense and responsibility. indemnify or settle such disputes, and shall not cause any inconvenience or compensation to us.
If the customer violates this service guideline and causes damage to the company, the customer shall compensate the company for the damage.
Customers acknowledge in advance that in electronic commerce transactions, even if the data is encrypted, the confidentiality cannot be maintained completely, and even if the confidentiality of the data cannot be maintained, the Company and the credit card company cannot be held responsible. We will use this service after that.
  • Article 9 (Copyright)
The customer may not, in any way, use the copyrighted material, etc. provided through this service for purposes other than the personal use of the customer as stipulated by the Copyright Act without obtaining the consent of the right holder.
Unless otherwise specified, the copyright and other intellectual property rights related to each content on this service shall belong to our company or the provider of each content, and the copyright of this service as a collection of each content Other intellectual property rights belong to the Company.
All content and content compilations contained in this service are the exclusive property of our company or each content provider, and are protected by Japanese copyright law and international copyright law.
Customers may reproduce, publish, broadcast, etc., all information obtained by using this service for purposes other than personal use without prior consent of the Company or the right holder of the information. It shall not be provided to a third party regardless of the reason.
  • Article 10 (Maintenance of this service)

In order to maintain good operating conditions of the Service, the Company may suspend or discontinue part or all of the Service without prior notice to the customer if any of the following items apply. shall be

1. For regular and emergency maintenance of the system
2. When system operation becomes difficult due to fire, power failure, sabotage by a third party, etc.
3. In addition, when the Company determines that it is unavoidable to stop the system.
  • Article 11 (Prohibitions)

The customer shall not perform any of the following acts on this service.

1. Acts of using IDs and passwords for illegal purposes
2. The act of double or multiple membership registration by the same person without justifiable reason.
3. Acts of illegally using various benefits or prizes provided by this service contrary to the usage method separately specified by this site or our company
4. Acts that cause inconvenience, disadvantage, or damage to the Company, other customers, or third parties, or acts that are likely to do so
5. Acts that infringe copyrights, property, privacy, or other rights of the Company or a third party, or acts that are likely to do so
6. Election campaigns, similar acts, and other political and religious acts
7. Business activities using this service, use of this service for the purpose of profit, and acts aimed at preparing for it
8. Acts that interfere with the operation of stores operated by this service and our company (hereinafter referred to as “stores”), or acts that may interfere
9. Acts that damage or may damage the credibility of this service and the store
10. Acts of using, providing, or distributing harmful programs such as computer viruses on this service
11. Criminal acts, acts that violate public order and morals, and acts that violate other laws and regulations
12. Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate
If the Company recognizes that the Customer falls under any of the items in the preceding paragraph, the Company may cancel the Service Agreement, etc. without any notice. In addition, even if the customer or a third party suffers damages due to the cancellation of the service contract, etc. by the Company, the Company shall not assume any responsibility.
  • Article 12 (Disclaimer, etc.)
The customer recognizes that the act of transmitting personal information via the Internet when using this service has the risk of information leakage, etc., and shall do so at his/her own responsibility. , the Company shall not take any responsibility.
We do not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, certainty, usefulness, etc. of the contents of this service and the information that customers can obtain through this service, except when exemption from liability is not permitted by law. Shall not.
The Company shall not be liable for the loss, destruction, or falsification by others of the data, etc., stored in the equipment (member database server, etc.) used by the customer in connection with the use of this service, or the data, etc., which the customer has approved to be stored by a third party. , disclaims any liability.
Except when there is intentional or gross negligence on the part of the Company, the Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the Customer arising from the use of the Service (including damages arising from troubles with third parties) or the Service. We shall not be liable for damages or any other liability for damages caused by the customer’s inability to use the service, or damages caused by the customer’s violation of this service guideline or individual terms of use.
  • Article 13 (Handling of Personal Information)
If you wish to confirm your personal information, you can do so from My Page on the site. In addition, if you wish to change your personal information (address change, etc.) or delete it, you can change and delete your personal information from My Page. (However, regarding the storage of information based on laws and regulations, it shall be stored for the period in accordance with the law.) The privacy policy is described on the 2nd Street web page (https://www.2ndstreet.jp/privacy), This shall be complied with.
  • Article 14 (Inquiries)
The method of communication with customers in this service (including disclosure, correction, addition, and deletion of personal information) shall be by electronic communication such as telephone and e-mail.
For inquiries about this service, please use the inquiry form on this site.
  • Article 15 (Advertising)
The customer uses the customer’s personal information and personal related information (including preference information, etc.) to communicate with the customer regarding various services and campaigns, etc. You agree in advance that we will conduct sales activities such as providing information, as well as conducting advertising guidance for third party products and services that we deem appropriate, and sales promotion activities such as questionnaires.
In addition, the customer shall be responsible for the communication charges incurred in connection with the delivery of e-mails and reception of push notifications.
If the customer does not wish to receive advertisements via e-mail and application push notification as described in the preceding paragraph, the customer shall change the distribution method by himself/herself in the settings on the My Page of the Service and in the application settings.
However, emergency notices such as security notices, loss of profits for customers, and other important changes will be sent regardless of the suspension of delivery.
If the customer conducts transactions (including participation in promotions such as sweepstakes) with advertisers who are advertising (including sweepstakes advertisements) within this service, it shall be the responsibility of both the customer and the advertiser. increase. In addition, the Company shall not be liable for any damages caused by transactions made by advertisements posted in this service and damages caused by the posting of advertisements themselves.
Supplementary provision

This service guideline will be enforced from April 1, 2022.
Revised March 1, 2023